Keep Your Computer Running Longer

There are many different computer maintenance tips that you can follow to keep your computer working at its best. You can have a hard drive crash, it could be dropped or bumped and other common problems.

The first thing to do when you are having trouble with your computer is to keep your computer maintenance tips simple to follow. It is one thing to read a book on the subject but it is another to try to maintain your computer on your own. Most computer repairs are very expensive and the last thing you want to do is put more money into your repair bill then the cost of your computer.

The basic computer maintenance tips include cleaning the disk drive, keeping it from being banged against something as that will cause problems as well as cleaning the CPU. The CPU should be clean and not covered in dust from what I understand.

The motherboard should be at the proper safe temperatures and also should be protected by a case. After the computer has been removed, it should be placed in a temperature controlled environment to keep it from being contaminated.

If the computer’s problems seem to be intermittent it could be due to the CPUs, RAM or GPU being overloaded. Keeping the computer’s fan running at all times will make sure that there is no overload and the computer will run at the highest speed possible.

If you notice that the monitor is losing colors it could be caused by overheating of the monitor or the backlight bulbs. Try turning down the brightness in order to see the monitor better.

Keep Your Hard Drive Clean

Another common computer maintenance tip is to keep the hard drive clean. You can either use the cleaner or liquid wipes that contain some type of liquid that cleans the hard drive.

If the computer becomes infected with viruses itcould be because of using an email program that was not run from a clean source. It is also possible that a virus had entered the computer by scanning it on a scanner.

One very important tip to keep in mind is to keep the registry up to date. The registry holds the most important data in the computer and can become corrupted over time.

Another common computer maintenance tip is to make sure that you don’t have any software on your computer that is corrupt and will cause more problems. Some programs are more problematic than others.

One way to make sure that you are protecting your computer from viruses is to be sure that you are downloading only legitimate programs. Running an antivirus program is a good way to protect yourself and your computer.

These are just a few of the computer maintenance tips that I use to keep my computer running at its best. Use these tips to keep your computer safe and have a good time surfing the web.