Understanding Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is when your website converts traffic to sales. The way you do this is by targeting people who are looking for the product and not just individuals, like in a PPC campaign. In this article I will go through some of the techniques for creating great organic traffic.

Getting a visitor’s email address and the user’s name. This can be done with some free service or you can use a paid service that will keep track of the website visitors. This way you can send out emails to your list. When you get the visitor’s email address you can add the name to your database.

Use landing pages. On most blogs there are posts about products or services that the blogger has used. These can be your landing pages. Some companies will let you set up a landing page with a blog post and they will link back to the actual site. When you set up your landing page there should be a little box at the bottom asking for an email address.

Use comments. People love talking about what they have. You can use a comment box on your blog or website and let your visitors leave their comment. Many people will leave a comment to get more information or to support the product or service that they are interested in.

Don’t forget emails. While the internet is the main place for email, it’s also an important source of traffic for your website. Use the methods mentioned above to get customers to sign up to your list or to get them to purchase the product.

Sell your product or service

With the power of SEO you can use other means to get people to see your ads and then the rest is easy.

Personalize your product. Personalization is a key to getting people to buy from you. There are ways to find out the things that they like about your product and then offer a discount on the next order.

Avoid tying in your site to something else. Even though you are promoting your site, if you are offering a lot of other products or services there might be too much overlap and it will drive your organic traffic down.

Make sure that your ads are relevant. Your ad should appear in the section of the search engine where your target audience will type their keywords. Make sure that you do not use bad keywords that won’t get you the targeted traffic that you want.

Spend money on your site. Many people make the mistake of thinking that you should start off small and then build it out.

It is true that you want to start small and then scale up, but to get this you need to spend money.

Create unique content.

This will help draw in more organic traffic as people visit your site and see your unique content that will draw them in.